Cage Slot in Fixed Optic Mount (Through hole)


◦ Four dedicated rods are used in the cage system to attach various kinds of components along the optical axis.
There are three types of cage systems, including the original size of □32mm corner arrangement (C32 series) which uses 6mm diameter rods, □30mm corner arrangement (C30 series) and □60mm corner arrangement (C60 series). Furthermore, there are fourth type of cage system, which is the □16mm corner layout (C16 series) which uses a dedicated 4mm diameter rod that allows for further miniaturization.
More Information
Name Cage Slot in Fixed Optic Mount (Through hole)
Weight 0.0210kgs
Guide ▶ Please contact our Sales for methods to fix the cage system to other equipment and parts not included in the WEB catalog.
▶ For consultation of optical system using cage system please contact Sales.
Attention ▶ If the rod is tightened too tightly or if the tightening force is greatly different depending on the location, the rod may not fit in other holders.
▶ Initially fix the rod lightly, after building the optical system, please tighten so that the force that fixes the rod is even in each holder.
▶ When configuring a large optical system or a long optical system, it may become distorted or become unstable due to vibration.
Primary material Aluminum
Guide Rod Diameter (Spaceing between rod) φ6mm (32x32mm)
Compatiblefixing screw M34 P0.75
Installation Slots fit from the side of rods
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