Cage Objective Lens Focus Mount


Cage Objective Lens Focus Mount
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This is the stage for installing the objective lens in the cage system and adjusting the focus.
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Attention ▶ If the rod is tightened too tightly or if the tightening force is greatly different depending on the location, the rod may not fit in other holders.
▶ Initially fix the rod lightly, after building the optical system, please tighten so that the force that fixes the rod is even in each holder.
▶ When configuring a large optical system or a long optical system, it may become distorted or become unstable due to vibration.

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Cage Objective Lens Focus Mount
in stock
Primary material Aluminum
Guide Rod Diameter (Spaceing between rod) φ6mm (30x30mm)
Compatible Mounting Screw Size M20.32 P0.706
Adjustment Range ±5mm
Resolution 0.5mm/rotation

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◦ Objective lens focus mount are supported by two rods (cages)