Helicoidal Post Holders

Helicoidal Post Holders


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Helicoidal Post Holder.
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Helicoidal metric 12mm Post Holder 70mm height
2 weeks
Helicoidal metric 20mm Post Holder 70mm height
2 weeks
Helicoidal metric 12.7mm Post Holder 72mm height
in stock
Helicoidal inch 12.7mm Post Holder 72mm height
in stock

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◦Turning the height-adjustment rotary section allows movement of 10mm (about 5mm/rotation) in the Z direction.
◦To secure a post, insert the post into the post holder, and clamp it down using the twoclamp screws on the side of the main body. The upper clamp screw on the side of the mainbody is designed to secure a post, and the lower clamp screw is designed to secure a helicoid ring.
◦The helicoid screw allows for Z travel of a post without rotating the post.

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