Optical Parallels (Synthetic fused silica, Circle) φ10 - 20


Optical Parallels (Synthetic fused silica, Circle) φ10 - 20
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Optical Parallels are precision substrates polished on both sides with excellent surface quality and surface flatness. These substrates can be used with thin film coatings to make custom windows and beamsplitters.
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◦The Optical Parallels are available in BK7 for visible and infrared wavelength range, synthetic fused silica for high ultraviolet transmission, and a synthetic fused silica for excimer laser that can be used for KrF excimer laser (248nm).
◦The high accuracy of the substrate parallels does not change the angle of the transmitted beam when you insert it parallel to the substrate perpendicular to the optical path of the laser.
◦The high surface precision substrate can also be used instead of a Newton test plate.

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