Single Lenses for CO² Lasers

Single Lenses for CO² Lasers


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These spherical single lenses are made of zinc selenide. In contrast to other optical materials for infrared wavelengths such as Ge (germanium) or Si (silicon), ZnSe lenses transmit some visible light, facilitating optical axis adjustment (alignment) of infrared laser systems using lower cost He-Ne lasers. Lenses intended for use with CO2 lasers have AR coatings.
Name Focal length Delivery Price Add to cart
ZnSe Plano Convex Lens 30mm Diameter 200mm Focal Length
3-6 weeks
ZnSe Plano Convex Lens 30mm Diameter 100mm Focal Length
3-6 weeks
ZnSe Plano Concave Lens 30mm Diameter -50mm Focal Length
3-6 weeks
ZnSe Plano Convex Lens 30mm Diameter 150mm Focal Length
3-6 weeks

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◦High powered lasers often emit laser light in the infrared region. Such systems require careful handling, since infrared laser light is invisible. Because of this laser light, preliminary alignment of optical parts in many cases are essential. While zinc selenide transmit some light in the visible spectrum, it allows easier alignment of other optical components.

Important: Treatment of ZnSe optics
ZnSe (Zinc selenide) is Poisonous and harmful substance classified as legal, depending on the specifications, the certificate of delivery may be required for acquisition of Poisonous and harmful substances. In addition, ZnSe Optics disposal after use is prohibited in general.
Lenses that are no longer needed, please return it to us.

However, we only take back products that we supplied. This policy noted is in Japan and other countries may differ in the treatment of ZnSe (Zinc selenide), please contact your local sales office.