Germanium Single Lens

Germanium Single Lens


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The single crystal of germanium used in the semiconductor is less absorption in the infrared wavelength of 2 - 20μm and it can be used as an optical element of the infrared light. It is a single lens which was made with the germanium crystal.
It is used as a lens of a camera to observe the infrared, such as thermography.
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Germanium Plano Convex Lens 25mm Focal Length
5-10 days
Germanium Plano Convex Lens 50mm Focal Length
5-10 days
Germanium Plano Convex Lens 100mm Focal Length
5-10 days

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◦It looks that a light does not transmit because of a metallic luster, but it is transmitted through the wide infrared range of 2 - 20μm.
◦A Light of the wavelength of 1.5μm or less does not transmit, so it can also get the effect of infrared transmission filter.
◦Since there is the refractive index of 4 or more, the curvature is slower than the lens of glass.

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