Negative Achromatic Lens

Negative Achromatic Lens


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It is achromatic lens having a negative focal length. By setting the concave one bonding two lenses wavelength dispersion of the refractive index is different, can be smaller than the spherical single lens and spherical aberration and chromatic aberration.
Name Diameter φD Focal length Delivery Price Add to cart
Negative Achromatic Lens 25mm Diameter -99.94 Focal Length
25mm −53.09mm
5-10 days
Negative Achromatic Lens 25mm Diameter -49.94 Focal Length
25mm −49.94mm
5-10 days

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◦It is optimized focal length shift is small in the visible light range, the aberration is minimized.
◦It can be the beam expander of Galileo type in combination with achromatic lens with a focal length of the positive.

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