One-axis Shutter Controller


Controller for driving the SSH-RA series electromagnetic shutters.
◦Shutters can be manually opened and closed using the shutter buttons on the controller body.
◦Shutters can also be opened and closed using a TTL signal from an external controller.
◦4-axis shutter controller (SSH-C4RA) can independently control up to four shutters.
More Information
Name One-axis Shutter Controller
Weight 0.0700kgs
  • Controller does not include a shutter. Compatible only with SSH-RA series auto-blade shutters.
  • Cable to connect the controller and the shutter is not included. Use the dedicated cable (SSH-CA2-LORA).
  • WEB Reference Catalog Code/W4105
  • If timer functions are required, we recommend using the SSH-C2B shutter controller.
  • WEB Reference Catalog Code/W4105
  • controllers come with AC adapter(DC5V) and 3.5mm Stereo mini plug (for TTL).
  • This shutter controller is only compatible with the SSH-RA series.
  • Please do not connect to any electromagnetic shutter other than SSH-RA series. Due to differences in the electrical driving characteristics, other shutters can be damaged.
  • Please contact our sales team for TTL cable to be connected to an external device.
  • In SSH-C1RA and SSH-C1RA-H, the logic of TTL connecting to external equipment is inverted. If you need the shutter controller SSH-C4RA with TTL logic inverted, please contact our Sales Division.
Image Label One-axis Shutter Controller
Controllable Number of Units 1 unit
Compatible Shutters BSH2 series
Functions Bulk (1st time: Open/2nd time: Close)
External input Signal (TTL) Open/Close: 5/0V
Power source DC5V
Power Consumption 0.25VA
Accessories AC adapter (DC5V), φ3.5 stereo mini plug attached
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Controller for driving the SSH-RA series electromagnetic shutters.

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