Sigma Fine (Piezo) Stages (high stiffness type)


Sigma Fine (Piezo) Stages (high stiffness type)
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Nanometer resolution high stiffness flexure stages.
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Attention ▶The travel at closed loop control is reduced to around 20% less than at open loop control.

Name Travel (at open-loop control) Load Capacity Delivery Price Add to cart
Piezo Flexure Single Axis Stage 60mm Size
100μm±15% 19.6N (2.0kg)
6-12 weeks
Travel (at open-loop control) 100μm±15%
Stage Size 60×60mm
Actuator Piezo actuator
Theoretical Resolution (open-loop 1nm
Resolution (closed-loop) 10nm
Linearity <0.3%
Perpendicularity (Horizontal Direction) 1μm
Positional Repeatability <0.1μm
Load Capacity 19.6N(2.0kgf)
Micro-displacement Sensor Digital Sensor
Compatible Cable FINE-CA-3: For piezo
DS1-CA-3: For digital sensor

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◦These compact piezo stages offer high precision and high resolution positioning by utilizing full closed loop control with digital frequency based sensors.
◦Using piezo element actuators, open loop travel between 90μm − 100μm is available, with minimum incremental motion as small as 1nm. Compared to the open-loop control, the maximum travel of closed-loop control will be less about 10%.
◦Closed loop travel is 80% of the open loop maximum and closed loop resolution is 10nm.
◦Recommended controllers are the FINE series controllers. Both digital and analog inputs are available.

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