Mirror Mount Adapters


Mirror Mount Adapters
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Adapters for mounting smaller diameter mirrors.
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Square 25.4-mm Optic Adapter for 25.4 mm Mirror Mounts
in stock
Compatible Holders MHG-MP25/HS25
Compatible Optics Size □25mm, □25.4mm
Compatible Optics Thickness 3 - 6mm
Adapter Mounts for Kinematic Mirror Holder for 40mm
2 weeks
Compatible Holders MHG-MP50
Compatible Optics Diameter φ40mm
Compatible Optics Thickness 4 - 6mm
Adapter Mounts for Kinematic Mirror Holder for 60mm
2 weeks
Compatible Holders MHG-80
Compatible Optics Diameter φ60mm
Compatible Optics Thickness 6 - 10mm

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◦Adapters are designed so that the end faces of mirror frames are aligned with the end faces of adapters when adapters are attached to kinematic mirror holders (MHG). However, the reflective surface of a mirror is positioned 1mm inside the end face of adapter.
◦Mirrors are fixed at three points on the lateral side.
◦Before mounting adapters to mirror holders, fix mirrors to the adapters. Mirrors cannot mounted once the adapter is mounted in a mirror holder.
◦The reflective surface position is dependent on the mirror thickness.

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