Laser Autocollimator


Laser Autocollimator
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The TM-2070 Laser Autocollimator System allows automated, arc-second, non-contact angular measurement of an object having at least 5% specular reflectivity (like a flat optical mirror). The system is made up of an autocollimator head, and a separate electronic processing unit. A user-supplied computer is needed to run the Laser Autocollimator System.
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Compact Laser Autocollimator System
6-12 weeks
Measurement Two-Axis Angular (Pitch and Yaw)
Method Autocollimation
Readout Resolution 0.01' (Arc Minute) or 0.6 Arc Second, or about 3 urad
Angular Range by Distance +/-30' (171-250mm), +/-45' (111-170mm),+/-70' (0-110mm)
Repeatability 1" (at 50mm working distance)
Linearity +/-0.25%
Laser Wavelength 650nm (1mW max, Class 2)
Laser Beam Diameter 1mm (1/e2)
Measurement Frequency 60Hz
Contents of Box Autocollimator Head, Autocollimator Controller, USB C Cable (1M) Autocollimator to Controller, Four Stick-on Rubber Pads
Additional Required Items (Sold Separately) 24VDC AC Power Adaptor(FH-0023), RS-232C cable, 9DSub Cross (KE-2110), Computer, Windows 10, 64 Bit (customer supplied)

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