Manual 6 axis stage XYZ Rotary TipTilt



Enhance your precision work with our 6-Axis Manual Stage Assembly, designed for high accuracy in a compact form. This assembly features: XY Stage: A 40x40mm steel stage with a central micrometer for exact XY adjustments, offering a 6.5mm range. Z Stage: Complementary 40x40mm Z stage with a center micrometer, providing precise vertical positioning over a 3mm range. Rotation Stage: A 40mm brass rotation stage for full 360-degree control, featuring a fine adjustment micrometer. Tilt Stage: Our 40x40mm aluminum tilt stage allows for precise 2-degree angular adjustments in two axes. Ideal for applications in research, industrial, and technology sectors, this assembly ensures precise multi-axis positioning in a streamlined package.

motorized polarized rotator

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