USB3.0 Cable


Three types of interface are available to suit your application.
Analog (Bayonet Connector)
Best suited for installation in devices because the cable length between the camera and a monitor can be long.
By installing the viewer software that comes with the camera in a PC, it is easy to save images. It is provided either 2 million pixels and 5 million pixels according to the required resolution.
The camera can be directly connected to a high-definition compatible monitor. Best suited for visual inspection which requires high resolution and high frame rate.
Using the remote control unit that comes with the camera, you can display a cross line or shadow mask at any position on the screen, or make adjustments such as brightness (gain) or contrast while looking at the display on the screen.
More Information
Name USB3.0 Cable
Weight 0.0300kgs
  • Common
  • ◦Various C mount compatible microscopes are available.Microscope systems (WEB Reference Catalog Code/W2047), Zoom microscopes (WEB Reference Catalog Code/W2007), OUCI-2 (WEB Reference Catalog Code/W2012)
  • Analog (Bayonet Connector)
  • ◦Connecting cables and conversion plugs are available. (WEB Reference Catalog Code/W2017-7)
  • USB
  • ◦STC-MCA5MUSB3 comes with a C mount conversion adapter so that it can be used with CS mount microscopes in addition to C mount microscopes.
  • HDMI
  • ・The accessory cables for connecting between the camera and the monitor are available. (WEB Reference Catalog Code/W2043-2)
  • The resolution of the monitor display may not increase depending on the resolution of the microscope or observation system. Please make sure that the resolution of the microscope or observation system is smaller than the camera cell size.
  • The cameras except for STC-MCA5MUSB3 are C mount cameras. They cannot be used with CS mount products (microscopes and lenses).
  • SK-N63CJ-C, SK-620BJ2 and SK-HD133DV come with an AC adapter. Please do not use AC adapters other than the one which comes with the product.
  • To record images from SK-N63CJ-C, SK-620BJ2 and SK-HD-133DV, equipment which can record analog signals and HDMI signals is required.
  • STC-MCA5MUSB3 does not come with a cable for connecting with a monitor. Please prepare these by the customer. Please purchase USB3.0 cables together. (WEB Reference Catalog Code/W2043-2)
  • STC-MCA5MUSB3 cannot be fixed to a tripod or rod directly. Please use a mount for camera (STC-TP-HCA). (WEB Reference Catalog Code/W2043-2)
Product Name USB3.0 Cable
Output / Input Cable USB3.0
Cable Length 3m
Compatible Camera -
Mounting Screw -
In stock

Delivery in : 3-5 days

Three types of interface are available to suit your application.

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