• Microscope Objectives


    Objectives are the business end of microscopes, but they have also found uses in many other applications like high power lasers, as well as UV and IR applications.  OptoSigma objectives come in 5x to 100x magnifications and can also be provided with cover glass compensation which can be modified to correct spherical aberration for looking into samples of various indices of refraction.  We also offer long working distance objectives and if chromatic aberration correction is required, OptoSigma also offers reflective objectives optimized for broadband use.  Our standard objectives are infinity corrected Completely custom objectives are possible, just ask.

  • Long Working-Distance Zoom Microscopes

  • Modular Microscope Systems (OUCI)


    Microscope Unit Guide

    We provide three different types of observation systems.
    For the purposes of experiment or work, you can select an appropriate observation system.

    Observation unit with coaxial illumination

    Attaching the objective lens for a microscope, it displays an enlarged image on the monitor or laptop PC by using the camera. By using a compact barrel with ports for illumination, there is flexibility of installation, and it also can be incorporated into the production equipment such as a laser processing machine.
    It is quite useful to observe the high magnification in particular.

    Stereo Microscope

    Since it can obtain the observed image that there is a very wide field of view by binocular and a disparity of the left and right eyes, it is suitable for the observation of irregularities such as electronic components and processed parts.
    With a long working distance, it is suitable for observation while moving the sample and for the visual inspection by frequent exchanging of a sample.

  • Super Resolution Microscopes

  • DIY Optical Cage Microscopes

  • Microscope Sample Stages

  • Infrared Laser-Evoked Gene Expression Microscope

  • Laser Tweezer Systems


    Laser Tweezer Systems use highly focused light to move small particles.  OptoSigma supplies a variety of Laser Tweezer systems including low cost systems that keep the laser stationary while moving the sample holder as well as higher end systems with multiple, independently steerable beams.  Contact our sales team to learn more about the systems we offer and share your application details so we can find the right solution.

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