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Computer Interface Options

Micro Stepping

Min. / Max. Driving Speed

Additional Features

Relative Price

Micro Stepping Controller, 5-Phase Only

The MAC-04 ally ease of use and ultra-fine resolution motion for 4-axis stage systems.


4 axis


Up to 250 steps

1 Pulses/Sec

10,000 Pulses/Sec


Linear Interpolation (2 axes), Circular Interpolation


Standard Stepper Controllers, 5-Phase Only 

The GSC series controllers are our most cost-effective stepper controller and provide basic control for the 5-phase stepper motor actuators and stages. Half-stepping is supported.


1 axis

2 axes


Up to 2 steps

100 Pulses/Sec

20,000 Pulses/Sec


Limit switch detection, Requires AC-ADP-2427 power supply


Micro Stepping Controller, 5-Phase Only 

The SHOT-702 series controller includes a micro-step driver to enable ultra-fine resolution for the stepper motor stages and actuators.

2 axes



Up to 250 steps

1 Pulse/Sec

500,000 Pulses/Sec


Limit switch detection, E-Break for Motor


Low Noise Controller, 5-Phase Only 

The HSC 3-axis controller is designed to provide low noise and high current capacity for driving larger stepper motor stages.  The driving speed is 8X higher than the other controllers

3 axes



40 steps, fixed

1 Pulse/Sec

4,000,000 Pulses/Sec


Low noise and vibration driver design, High driving current capacity, 3-axis Linear Interpolation, Circular Interpolation


Closed Loop, Extendable Controller, 2-Phase and 5-Phase

The HIT controllers can be daisy-chained together to control 8 stages. They run in a master/slave configuration and provide full closed-loop functionality for any combination of 2-phase and  5-phase stepper-motor stages


2 to 8 axes


RS232C, USB, Ethernet

Up to 250 steps

1 Pulse/Sec

500,000 Pulses/Sec


There is a version for controlling 2-phase stepper motors, has a Closed-loop control function and Requires the AC-ADP-2427 power supply for each unit.

1-Axes: $$$ (Requires Master and Slave controllers)

Additional Axes ea:  $

Closed Loop, Controller, 5-Phase

SHRC-203 controllers can be operated to simulate either our HIT-series or SHOT-series controllers and can drive our NFS Nano Feedback stages

3 axes

Ethernet, GP-IB, USB

Up to 8,000 steps

1 Pulse/Sec

1,000,000 Pulses/Sec

Micro-step driver, Stored program control, Glass scale feedback control, Circular and linear interpolation, Absolute and relative position drive, Jog operation, Machine and theoretical origin, Deceleration and emergency stop, Speed setting, Motor free / hold


We also carry linear stages with built-in controllers. Click this link to find out more...

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