Controllers for Closed Feedback Loop Linear Stages


Controllers for Closed Feedback Loop Linear Stages
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2 Axis Stage Controller with Joystick
5-phase stepping motor 2 Axes
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3-Axis, Closed-Loop, Five-Phase Stepper Motor Controller
5-phase stepping motor 3 Axes 0.3 − 1.4A/phase
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Power Requirements 100-240VAC +/-10%, 50/60Hz
Current Consumption 2A
Operating / Storage Temperatures 5 to 40C/-20 to 60C
Operating Humidity (without condensation) 20% to 80%RH
External Dimensions 265x99x265mm
Coordinate Indication Range +/-999,999,999
Maximum Travel to Set From -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647 (pulses)
Min/Max Driving Speed 1 to 1 million pulses per second
Acceleration/ Deceleration 1-1,000ms
Micro-Stepping Highest Division 8,000 micro pulses/step
Control Interfaces Ethernet, GP-IB, USB
Main Function Summary Controller with micro-step driver, Stored program control, Glass scale feedback control, Circular and linear interpolation, Absolute and relative position drive, Jog operation, Machine and theoretical origin, Deceleration and emergency stop, Speed setting, Motor free / hold
Input/Output Specs Proximity and origin sensors, CW(+) and CCW(-) limits, 6 general purpose inputs and 6 general purpose outputs, 18 control inputs and 5 control outputs, Trigger output

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