Optical Tabletops and Breadboards

Optical Tabletops and Breadboards

25, 50 and 100 mm thick steel honeycomb core structure optical breadboards offer the superior stiffness level which effectively minimizes relative displacements in a wide frequency range, ensuring a promised stiffness level and quality for a variety of applications. Steel Honeycomb Core Structure, The corrugated honeycomb steel layers are vertically expoxy bonded with a stainless steel top skin, a carbon steel bottom skin and sidewalls, increasing its core density and minimizing its cell size. The steel honeycomb core structure provides the highest core density and the smallest honeycomb core cell size, offering the maximum static and dynamic rigidity.Smallest Honeycomb Core Cells, Our steel honeycomb core yields in the highest core density and the smallest honeycomb cell size 2.9㎠, offering the superb rigid table top. As the smallest honeycomb cells contributing to increase the elastic selection modulus, the natural frequency of the optical table tops increases, which the table top is less likely to respond to external forces and unfiltered vibration. Moreover, the higher natural frequency minimizes vibration intensities and deflection under loads. Our optical table top is all steel constructed, ensuring the long term thermal stability.

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