Adapter for Mounting objective


Adapter for Mounting objective
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Adapter for fixing objective lenses on 5-axis lens holder (ALHN-5RO) or φ50mm lens holders.
In combination with the LHO-20.32-N or LHO-20.32A-N, objective lenses the thread type of which is M20.32 can be fixed.
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  • Adapter for objective lens itself cannot mount the objective lens. Please also purchase LHO-20.32-N or LHO-20.32A-N.
  • f you can not dismount the objective lens holder from the adapter, please install pins in the hole on side of the adapter and dismount it with firmly holding the adapter.
  • There is possiblity that the mounting screw will be tight when you use other company's objectives even if its thead type is the same.


  • Criss-cross type lens holder (TAT-16 or TAT-30) and its objective lens adaptor (TAT-180A) for objetive lens center adjustment is available. (WEB Reference Catalog Code/W4514)

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