OUCI Modular Microscopes

OUCI Modular Microscopes

OptoSigma's OUCI microscope bodies have a modular design allowing them to be configured with specific features and magnification levels and provide high-resolution observation for a variety of applications.  The modular design also means it can be set up like a standard upright microscope or integrated into a larger optical system in any orientation.  The infinite conjugate design allows the microscope body to be used with standard infinity-corrected objectives from OptoSigma or other manufacturers.  The OUCI body is available in four different versions, each one optimized for a different function or spectral region (NUV, VIS, or NIR). All OUCIs, regardless of the wavelength optimization, can still function in the visible wavelength region.  The fourth version provides an additional coaxial beam path that can be used for laser induction or another observation camera. 
A fully functional OUCI system can be easily assembled using off-the-shelf catalog components.

Note: For metric translation stages only, 4ea. of the AND-M6-M4 thread adaptors can be used in place of the adaptor plate to mount the OUCI Modular Microscope body to a translation stage as shown here.

OUCI Modular Component Options 

Modular components include selections of microscope bodies, objective lenses, light sources, digital cameras, motorized turrets, and mounting adaptors.
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