Vacuum Compatible Rotation Motorized Stages

Vacuum Compatible Rotation Motorized Stages

Our vacuum-compatible motorized rotation stages are made for use in 1E-6 Torr vacuum or clean room environments and are available in 60- and 120mm diameter platform sizes. They are driven by a special vacuum compatible stepper motors which yield angular repeatability to less than 0.02 degree.  Like all  rotation stages, they are designed to provide fine angular travel over a single rotational degree of freedom, most commonly yaw.  The axis of rotation is orthogonal to the mounting platform.  OptoSigma vacuum-compatible rotation stages have vented attachment holes, Teflon-coated cables, and are lubricated with a high-grade vacuum grease.  If one of our many catalog stages does not meet your requirements, just send us a request for a custom version.  OptoSigma is, after all, the industry leader in translation stages.

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