Elastomerically Isolated Optical Tables

Elastomerically Isolated Optical Tables

Our elastomerically isolated (sometimes referred to as rigid) optical tables employ supports with structured rubber pads, which provide nominal isolation from floor vibrations.  The rigid supports can be in the form of a frame with casters or as four individual cylindrical legs.   No air compressor is needed to operate rigid optical tables.  As with all tables, the tabletop has a matrix of 1/4-20 or M6 threaded holes on the surface and is constructed with a steel honeycomb structure to make it stiff, with minimal mass. Our standard working surface height is about 3 feet but can be adjusted or customized. The vibration control provided by rigid optical tables is frequently used in less demanding applications such as spectroscopy experiments, multi-mode fiber alignment, metrology, or wherever optical experiments are done.  Optical tables can be found in just about any laser lab but also support bio-medical, life sciences, astronomy, metrology, and semiconductor industries.  OptoSigma offers a wide selection of pneumatic optical table sizes, support types, desk, and desktop isolators, and shelf accessories.   If one of our many catalog tables does not meet your requirements, send us a request for a custom table. 

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