Standard Micrometer Heads

Standard Micrometer Heads

OptoSigma's standard micrometer heads provide exceptionally high-resolution adjustment as well as enduring durability.  Micrometers differ from adjustment screws in that the position is readable.  Options include short travel micrometer heads with ranges between 6 and 13 mm as well as longer-range versions with ranges from 25 to 50 mm.  These micrometer adjusters are made with industry-standard specifications including the 500-micrometer thread pitch and shank diameters of 6, 9.5, 10, and 12 mm.  Remember that the thread pitch of an adjustment screw indicates the linear travel for one full rotation of the knob. This means that standard micrometers travel 1/2 a millimeter for a full knob rotation.  The micrometers have graduated marked where the smallest distance is 10 micrometers.  Round or flat tip options are available but flat-tip spindles require a centered ball tip push point, as found on all of our translation stages.  

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