Prism Mounts

Prism Mounts

Prisms and cube beam splitters need to be openly mounted so that the entrance and exit beams can pass unimpeded. These prism tables provide a flat surface with either two or three axes of tilt adjustment built in. The optic can be placed on top of the table and secured by means of a spring clamp. Thumbwheels protruding from the side of the table are used to adjust the tip and tilt of the tables over a range of 4 degrees. The third axis, when present, is adjusted over a range of 6 degrees by means of a knurled knob protruding from the side. The base of the tables are threaded 8-32 or M4 for inch or metric post mounting options. Alternatively, they can be mounted directly onto a base plate or a stage by using the clearance holes provided.

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