Large Aluminum 1&2-Axis Goniometers

Large Aluminum 1&2-Axis Goniometers

OptoSigma's Aluminum 1 and 2-Axis Goniometers are large 120mm platform all-aluminum rotation stages with exceptionally high rotation-axis heights, the largest being 228 mm (almost 9 inches high). They are driven by a high-tolerance worm-gear mechanism which, along with its high precision ball-bearing guides, yields angular position readable to 1 arc minute using the Vernier scale. As with all goniometers, the axis of rotation is situated parallel to and above the mounting platform but they are also designed to be stacked so that they have intersecting orthogonal axes of rotation. In this configuration, they have capability for orbit-like positioning about a single point. These goniometers are lockable and finished in a RoHS-compliant black anodize.

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