Beam Steering Holders


Beam Steering Holders
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Beam steering mounts are designed to easily change the height and direction of laser beams.
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Beam Steering Holder for 25mm Mirror
2-6 weeks
Compatible Optics Diameter <□25mm/<φ25mm
Compatible Optics Thickness 3 - 5mm
Weight<sup>※</sup> 0.4kg
※Weight does not include the weight of posts and baseplates.

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◦Length of the optional post (PO-20-***) can be specified at the time of purchase.
WEB Reference Catalog Code/W6053
◦Mirrors φ25mm or less with a thickness of 5mm can be bonded to the holder.
◦The clamps can be coarsely adjusted when rotated 50 mm about the center post.
◦Adjustment screws are provided on the output side of the mirror to fine tune the direction of the output beam.

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