Aluminum Mirrors

Aluminum Mirrors

This section contains a large variety of first surface aluminum mirrors.  You will find round, square, and rectangular shapes.  Standard sizes start at small as 10mm and expand to 300mm square.  You will find  options for surface flatness from λ to λ/10, material options from Soda Lime Glass to Fused Silica, and coatings from bare aluminum, protected aluminum, to UV Enhanced Aluminum.   There are mirrors suitable for a wide variety of applications.  Aluminum mirrors are often used in applications that are not highly demanding and are lower cost vs. Dielectric Mirrors.  Aluminum Mirrors are also polarization independent.  Therefore, they will operate at virtually any angle of incidence.   Do not forget to find the right OptoSigma mirror mount to hold and position your mirrors!  As always, if one of our many standard products do not meet your needs, ask us for a custom solution!  

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