Vacuum Lens Holder


Vacuum Lens Holder
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These are low outgassing lens holders which are ideal for using in the high vacuum conditions.
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Vacuum Lens Holders for 12.7mm Diameter Lens
in stock
SGD 182.90
Compatible Optics Diameter φ12.7mm
Compatible Optics Thickness 2~5.4mm
Clear Aperture φ11.5mm
Screw Diameter and Pitch M13.55 P0.75
Optical Axis Height 12.7mm
Vacuum Lens Holders for 25.4mm Diameter Lens
in stock
SGD 231.70
Compatible Optics Diameter φ25.4mm
Compatible Optics Thickness 2~7mm
Clear Aperture φ23mm
Screw Diameter and Pitch M26.25 P0.75
Optical Axis Height 20mm
Vacuum Lens Holders for 50.8mm Diameter Lens
in stock
SGD 402.40
Compatible Optics Diameter φ50.8mm
Compatible Optics Thickness 2~9mm
Clear Aperture φ47mm
Screw Diameter and Pitch M51.65 P0.75
Optical Axis Height 35mm

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◦ It also can be used in a UV optical system or in a clean room.
◦ To minimize the outgassing, venting hole and grooving are provided onto screw holes and inset sections.
◦ Specially designed polyether ether ketone resin (PEEK resin) retaining ring is used for this holder.

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