Steel EXC™ Precision-Bearing Lead Screw 1&2-Axis Goniometers

Steel EXC™ Precision-Bearing Lead Screw 1&2-Axis Goniometers

OptoSigma's leadscrew-driven, Steel EXC™ Precision-Bearing goniometers provide rotation about an axis that is situated parallel to and above the mounting platform. The 2-axis versions are stacked and have intersecting orthogonal axes of rotation. In this configuration, they have capability for orbit-like positioning about a single point. They are the first and only goniometer to feature curved EXC™ precision bearing ways which are processed directly into the body and base, resulting in the highest stiffness, load capacity and smoothness of any stage on the market. This patented bearing technology also provides the them with nearly friction free high-resolution movement as well as rotation axis displacement that is 1/10th the magnitude of dovetail bearing goniometer displacement. This family of GOHT stages include a Vernier scale which allows angular readings to 0.10 degree. All include locks, are made entirely from hardened tool steel, and are plated with an RoHS-Compliant black chrome.

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