Tube Lenses


Tube Lenses
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Designed specifically for fundamental and harmonic wavelengths of YAG and Fiber lasers
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Attention Please use with infinity-corrected objectives. They are not compatible with finite conjugate objectives.
▶These tube lenses must be used by inputting collimated light from the end without threading. Inputting collimated beam from the threaded end results in large focusing spot size and blurred image due to large chromatic and spherical aberration.
▶Operating at unspecified wavelengths might result in large aberration and low transmittance

Guide Compatible with infinity-corrected objectives
▶Specified magnifications cannot be obtained when using with Olympus objectives
▶External M32 x 0.5 threading

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Tube Lens (fundamental to 4th harmonic)
1-3 weeks
Tube Lens (fundamental to 3rd harmonic)
1-3 weeks

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