Mirror Mounts

Mirror Mounts

Mirror mounts provide a means to adjust the angle of a mirror on two axis: the pitch axis (up and down) and the yaw axis (side to side).  They are available in many sizes to hold mirrors ranging in diameter from 12.7 to 300mm.  The most widely used, cost-effective, and stable of the mirror mounts is the kinematic type.  Its design is fairly simple providing constraints in each of the six degrees of freedom just once, ensuring excellent stability in temperature varying environments.  Gimbal mounts are another type commonly used mount which provides an exceptionally angular adjustment range as well as the ability to minimize adjustment cross talk. Mirror mounts are used in almost all optical applications primarily for beam routing, or in other words, getting the optical beam of light from the source to the point of interest.  Industries that utilize these mounts include research, bio-medical, life sciences, astronomy, metrology, semiconductor, and more.   If one of our many catalog mirror mounts does not meet your requirements, just send us a request for a custom version.

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