Vacuum Compatible Motorized Rotation Stage

Vacuum Compatible Motorized Rotation Stage


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Motorized SGSP-YAW rotation stages modified for use in high vacuum.
Name Rotation Range Load Capacity Delivery Price Add to cart
Motorized Rotation Stage 60mm Size for Vacuum
In the CW or CCW direction to ∞ 29.4N (3.0kg)
3-6 weeks
Motorized Rotation Stage 120mm Size for Vacuum
Counterclockwise CCW direction to ∞, Clockwise CW direction stops at near 0 degree (−2.5°) 98N (10.0kg)
3-6 weeks

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◦The φ60mm size is best suited for use in smaller chambers.
◦The φ120mm size has a high load capacity due the larger bearing and larger motor.

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