Vacuum Compatible Linear Stages1 Axis (Z)


Vacuum Compatible Linear Stages1 Axis (Z)
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Motorized SGSP stages modified for use in high vacuum.
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Vacuum Compatible Miniature Motorized Stages
20mm 14.7N (1.5kg)
6-12 weeks
Travel 20mm
Stage Size 60×60mm
Feed Screw Precision ground screw φ4mm、0.5mm lead
Positioning Slide Crossed roller
Stage Material Aluminium
Finish None
Resolution (Half) 1μm/pulse
Resolution (Full) 0.5μm/pulse
MAX Speed -
Positional Repeatability 6μm
Load Capacity 14.7N(1.5kgf)
Lost Motion 5μm
Censer type GN-PT5M3B-1 (Metrol Co., Ltd.)
Limit Sensor Vacuum touch sensor (NORMAL CLOSE)
Origin Sensor None
Proximity Origin Sensor None

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◦Linear stages have available travel between 35 − 200mm and has a similar footprint to the SGSP series.

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