Aluminum 12.7-mm Post Holders

Aluminum 12.7-mm Post Holders

Aluminum post holders one of the most widely used components on an optical table and, along with optical posts, bases, and mounts, are the key element to setting up and optical lab experiment. They provide manual height adjustment as well as  manual yaw adjustment. Our PHV-series post holders are made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and are designed to mount to standard M6 or 1/4-20 optical tables. The inner diameter is sized for standard 12.7-mm (1/2-in.) optical posts and provides stable, 3-point clamping for excellent kinematic stability. The clamping knob has a spring-loaded Delrin™ tip to ensure smooth fine adjustment of the post, prior to clamping. To make it easier to identify the post-holder heights, all but the shortest post have graduated scribe-lines at 25-mm intervals around the circumference. The PHV post holders also feature an additional threaded clamp-knob hole for better adjustment accessibility when large platforms are post mounted.   If one of our many catalog post holders does not meet your requirements, just send us a request for a custom version. 

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