Optical Cages

Optical Cages

OptoSigma’s CAGE Systems come in three (3) standard sizes, P16 (diameter: 4mm rods, 16mm pitch between the rods), P30 (diameter: 6mm rods, 30mm pitch between the rods) and P60 (diameter: 6mm rods, 60mm pitch between the rods).  Our systems are compatible with industry standards, though, our intent was to design and build cage systems that are more stable and accurate vs. others on the market today.  A unique feature is the ability to place and remove individual components by “Dropping them In-Place” when 3-rods are utilized.  This is highly unique and convenient.  You can then add the 4th rod to finish the assembly.  A large selection of accessories and adapters are available for integration into optical setups using mounting posts or lens tubes.  Optic holders and accessories are supported by four (4) rigid steel rods (CAGES) to mount optical components along a common optical axis.  In addition, the optic holders can split the optical axis and the cage into two or fold it to 90 degrees.  The CAGE system has no distinction of orientation.  Therefore, it is possible to place the holders in various orientations, which is convenient for constructing a three-dimensional optical system.    Need help specifying components?  Our sales engineers are standing by.  Contact us anytime.  

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