A beam splitter or beamsplitter is an optical component that is used for splitting an incident light beam in two directions. Beamsplitters are used to separate the light by a ratio of power between transmitted and reflected beams but can also be used to separate polarization states or different wavelenths of light. There are two main types of beamsplitters, plate beamsplitter and cube beamsplitter and each has their own advantages. Some industries that use beamsplitters are interferometry, bio-medical, metrology, life sciences, microscopy, fiber optics, telecommunication, and quantum communication. OptoSigma offers a broad selection of plate and cube beamsplitters to meet virtually any application. Some examples include Thin Plate Beamsplitters, Dielectric Plate & Cube Beamsplitters, High Power Polarizing Beamsplitters, Broadband Polarizing Beamsplitters, Plate Polarizing Beamsplitter and Variable Beamsplitters. If one of our many catalog beamsplitters do meet your requirements, send us a request for a custom mirror.

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