Manual Lab-Jack Platforms

Manual Lab-Jack Platforms

The OptoSigma Lab Jacks provide a sturdy, height-adjustable platform ideal for mounting optical setups that require height adjustment. Several sizes are available, providing different platform sizes and travel ranges.  Low-profile versions are also provided. The double-pantograph design not only carries high loads but also maintains parallelism better than 0.10 mm. The  platforms have either M4, M6, or 1/4-20 threaded holes and are plated with a RoHS-compliant black finish to reduce stray light reflections.  Labjacks are available in both steel and aluminum versions and can be purchased with additional stands and platforms.   They are frequently used in to lift heavy equipment in such applications as microscopy, metrology, optical fiber alignment, optical delay lines, interferometry, or wherever vertical positioning is required.  Industries that utilize labjacks include research, bio-medical, life sciences, astronomy, metrology, semiconductor, and more.  If one of our many catalog labjacks does not meet your requirements, send us a request for a custom one. 

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