Rotateurs de polariseurs

Rotateurs de polariseurs

L'exigence la plus courante pour les polariseurs est de les faire tourner autour de l'axe optique. Parfois, il suffit de les placer à la bonne orientation mais dans certaines applications, il est nécessaire de faire tourner le polariseur pendant son utilisation.
OptoSigma rotators (holders) are available in two configurations. Micrometer driven Supports de polariseurs offer high precision adjustment for the most sensitive polarization rotation applications. The micrometer drive version provides continuous 360-degree coarse adjustment and 10 degrees of fine micrometer adjustment. Our Lever type polarizer rotators are suitable for less precise applications. Simply grasp the lever protruding from the side of the holders to rotate and set the polarizer angle. Once in place, the rotation can be locked by using the knurled clamp screw.
Both types of holders are offered for 20, 30, and 50mm diameter or waveplates. Adapters are available for most common mica and calcite polarizers. The base of the holders is threaded 8-32 or M4 for use with our posts and post holder pedestal base mounting systems, and also industry compatible.

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