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Piezo Stage, 3-Axis, Closed Loop, SFS-H60XYZ (CL)

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Stage Type: Linear
Travel Course (arcmin): -
Table Size (mm): 60 x 60
Open-Loop Resolution (arcsec): -
Weight (Kg): 0.33
Dimensions: ±0.2mm
Straightness (Y and Z direction): 1 micron
Linearity: <0.3%
Axes of Travel:
Resolution Open Loop:
Open Loop Repeatability:
Travel (µm): 100
Travel Fine (arcsec): -
Load Capacity (Kg): 1
Positional Repeatability (µm): 0.1
Model: SFS-H60XYZ (CL)
Sensor Resolution: 10nm
Resolution: 1nm
Piezo Travel (µm):
Resolution Closed Loop:
Axes of Travel (DC):